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1370 De Calais
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Simone Portrait
Quebec, Canada

Louise and Joseph met many years ago while they were both working at a photo studio in Montreal, he as an assistant and she as a summer job employee. Joseph’s background was very intriguing to this young woman. He was born in Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy in the province of Foggia on February 6th, 1943, a small village, where Joseph knew he couldn’t fully develop his potential. He lived   with his family of 7 brothers and sisters until he turned 14 years of age when he decided it was time he became independentman. He then moved to Lyon, France and lived there with his uncle for 10 years, working as an industrial designer and dyecaster and simply enjoying life. At the age 25, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal. He then discovered he had the bite for photography when he started working as a photographer’s assistant where he was to meet his future bride.

Louise was born in Montreal, on September 26th, 1952. She is the 2nd of a family of 5. Very quiet and reserved, she was responsible and sensitive child who would soon discover that her fondest wish would be to become an artist, more precisely a painter. Nevertheless, she had to attend a classical high school, which seemed to fade her dream of becoming an artist. After high school, Louise went to college and majored in Pure and Applied Sciences for which she felt no passion at all. Little did she know that a summer job would lead her true destiny both professionally and personally. Louise and Joseph were married on July 1st, 1972.

In 1975, they purchase their photography studio. Since then, they have constantly invested in their profession leading them to a profilic career. Their undying efforts were recognised by numerous awards and accolades. They continue to be requested across the world as renowned speakers. In fact, their reputation has reached many borders; in the last 15 years Louise and Joseph were regularly invited to teach in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Philippines, Martinique, Australia New-Zealand, Canada, and the United States as Eastmann Kodak Pro Mentors.

Louise and Joseph consider portrait as sacred art. Their subjects are meticulously analysed and each element of portrait photography is contemplated from lighting, composition to revealing a subject’s authenticity, yet the technical quality is made unique by the warmth of their personality and their vision.

Louise and Joseph’s constant evolution in their profession is reflected in each of their photographs. In the view, the subject must feel respected, as well as loved, to enable the artist to capture a subject’s authenticity and this is the very beauty of their art work.