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Gregory Daniel
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One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.    - Leonardo Da Vinci


Gregory Daniel is an exceptional artist and master of portraiture who skillfully pairs his creative talents with his technological know-how.  Greg's life and his work are a testament to a man who has risen to master both himself and his art.

By nature, Greg is calm, kind, and patient.  In the face of challenges, Greg is composed and his good-natured persona allows him to establish a bond with his clients.  The warmth engaging personality establish a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that is evident in his fine art and pleases clients and critics.

The secret of Gregory Daniel's exquisite portraiture seems to be the indescribable quality he is able to capture in his subject.  His work is the result of the marrying of artistic vision and a relationship with his subject, allowing him to depict a singular moment that will last forever.

Gregory Daniel has dedicated his life to hard work, experimentation within his craft and a pursuit of excellence.  It is this profound commitment that has made him one of the world's premier portrait artists.  The Professional Photographers of America have bestowed upon Greg their highest honors and he has been awarded Florida's top awards many times.   He was invited by 40 of the leading photographers in the world to join them as an elite member of the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America, and is a founding member of the ISPA.